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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Krieggott, Jun 2, 2015.

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    I just joined the family and after a long process of debating between liquid web / wired tree and known host. I have chosen here for a number of reasons.. mostly good reviews price and seemingly knowledgable staff with a solid backbone.

    I have a question with regards to integrating Max CDN or Amazon CDN.

    Here are my server configuration:

    VPS SSD 2000. I elected to go with Lite Speed Web Server. I am running 5 sites with medium traffic on each of them. Geographically all my customers are in the US or Canada.

    Is it worth getting a CDN like Max or Amazon and anyone have any experience with either one? Does it make a noticeable difference?

    How was your experience working with known host to integrate the services ?

    Question about NGNIX if I have a lite Speed web server any point in getting known host to configure it or will that conflict with Lite Speed Web Server?
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    Welcome to KnownHost :)

    I wouldn't bother with any of those CDNs. Setup Cloudflare for free and you'll be good to go. Litespeed is wicked fast, so no need for Nginx.

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