Mass Mail ?


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I have 10,000 members on my social networking site. I need to email them about a party am hosting for the site this summer. Now, How can I send 10000 emails without SPAMing or my emails being junked ? and without having lots of email in mail server que, especially Yahoo ones. Any ideas of an appropriate way or legitimate way of doing this ?
Make sure your SPF records are there and carry a small disclaimer and an option for users to opt out. I don't think anything would happen if you do this.
If it's a one time thing it's not like it's a regular mailing list. It's just an invitation to a party for your site. Places you sign up for will typically have an option to tick or untick saying you accept emails from the administrators and that would be what this falls under. If they don't want it then of course don't send it to them.

Ideally you'd be able to limit the number emails sent out per second but with that many your queue is going to get backed up regardless. Nothing you can do about it if you want to send them out. And yes of course make sure your reverse DNS and SPF is configured.
If you don't mind paying a little I would recommend a mailing service like . I've used it for smaller lists of about 1000 and had pretty good success. They are adamant about how your got your email addresses. I had to write them to explain how I got the list and it's purpose.
I already have Domain Keys , Reverse Dns and an SPF record set up. How do i get the email addresses ? from my social networking sites user email table. How do you decrease the amount of email sent per second or minute then ?