Many thanks to KH Freddie

Being a happy camper I try to ssh into my server after Freddie fixed the problem and, low and behold, I'm getting kicked off the server again due to server timeouts(again).

So, I'm checking out the first timeout message I got back from the server(?): connect to address port 2200: Connection timed out and I notice the IP address. It's not mine!

A quick inquiry reveals that COX Communications is the culprit. After a little more investigation I found they (Cox) started a program (and opted me in by default), that hijacks a customers IP address if they intercept an error message being sent back to the customer.

If Cox is your ISP and you don't want them interfering with your internet activity you have to go to their website and opt-out of their Enhanced Error Results program. Just login to your account, visit this link: and follow the instructions to opt out.