Managed Dedicated SSD?



I was wondering if there were any future plans on offering managed dedicated SSD servers?

Secondary question - are there any plans to bump up disk space and memory on existing SSD VPS plans?
OR offer maybe an SSD-5 and SSD-6 with higher RAM, disk, and bandwidth (at a better rate than Add-On/upgrade pricing currently offered, of course)?

Thank you.

Thanks for the questions let's get them answered for you.

In regards to managed dedicated SSD servers, we currently offer them as a custom upgrade option, and can replace the primary or secondary disk (or both) with a SSD in our managed dedicated servers. Just contact our sales department and they will custom quote you a dedicated server.

At the particular moment we don't have any plans to increase the disk space on our SSD VPS packages. At this time we haven't discussed offering any addtional SSD packages but we do have the option of adding SSD to the dedicated servers for those who may need a lot of storage space but maybe only a smaller amount of SSD space for their active files.

Let us know if you have any more questions as we will do our best to answer them!
Hello Daniel,

I'm in information collection mode at this time. Pending circumstances changing on my end, I may need to make a change.

can replace the primary or secondary disk (or both) with a SSD in our managed dedicated servers

So RAID 1 mirrored with two drives I assume? What size SSD drives do you typically start out with (smallest)?

Would the pricing be in the ballpark (not trying to pin you down, and feel free to tell me to contact sales :) ) of this offering? (But with smaller SSD disks of course).

DEDI-CP2 (Intel E3-1240) - $209/mo
WAS 2x 500 GB HDD's... NOW 2x 1 TB HDD's
11 TBs Bandwidth
Dedicated IP: 8


Generally speaking what I see in most deals is a upfront setup fee for the SSD and then the monthly fee's remain the same. We can offer 128, 256 and 512GB ssd's. You can either chose to install one, or two and have them configured in a software (or for an extra fee) hardware Raid1.
Hi Daniel,

So the current DEDI-CP2 (Intel E3-1240) - $209/mo uses software RAID1 then?
Not having a mirror drive is pretty dicey, as the single drive failure brings down the server...


You can have the server configured either way. If you'd like it setup in raid, or if you would like them as separate drives, one for your primary partition and one for backups.

This should be possible. Shoot sales an email. We handle dedicateds with RAID and/or SSDs as custom options as they're not available via the site but we do offer both.