malware scanning


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setup is CentOS, SSD VPS, DirectAdmin

does KH do any reasonably comprehensive malware scanning on its VPS nodes or is that up to the user?

if the latter, would it be advisable to install Linux Malware Detect or some other utility?
Hello @ihearvoices

Knownhost is not responsible for malware scanning on VPS's owned by our customers - that is entirely up to the end user.

Maldetect is not something I personally would ever suggest on a VPS - the resources it needs and the inconsistency of it working correctly is just not worth the effort. As most know, manually investigating your files is the best way to determine if there is malware injected into them.

However, if you prefer scanning, I suggest ImunifyAV; they boast "advanced file deobfuscation techniques enable detection of encrypted malicious code embedded in files, over 97% of which can be cleaned automatically." - if you're interested in this, you can open a ticket with our support department if you need assistance in installing it. If you want to purchase ImunifyAV+, which includes unlimited cleanup, you can contact our Billing department for more information.