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In response to my asking a customer to open up their firewall to my website, they rejected the request and said my site has been shown to host malware. However, their report shows IP addresses that are not mine nor KnownHost's. They appear to be associated with There are two background services my site uses that may be where the problem is coming from. I just ran cWatch to see if there are any problems with my site and it's not finding any issues. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be including the external resources used in the site. Any suggestions on a tool that will do that?
Below is the info my customer gave me.


------------- report from customer ---------------

Currently the requested site resolves to two IPs,
and, both of these IPs are blocked as they are shared with
the following sites.

drinkhappy[.]net Botnet activity
www.loginonline-com[.]firebaseapp[.]com Malware activity
cloudbox-fileshare[.]web[.]app Phishing

The site www.loginonline-com[.]firebaseapp[.]com was reported to us as
generic Malware activity, however, drinkhappy[.]net has been reported as
being related to suppobox.

------------- end report from client ---------------
I'd recommend opening a ticket with Support for assistance with this. If there's something there, they'll find it.
Have you actually checked back with them and asked why they sent you IP numbers that aren't yours? Obviously if they block those IP numbers it wouldn't even block your website so it seems like someone made a mistake somewhere and sent you the wrong IP numbers.
Thanks. Scott. I'll do that.

Good questions, Dan. I'm waiting for a response from them to find out what site the are actually looking at. I'm embedding a lot of videos from my Vimeo account and it looks like their CDN domain may be managed through Fastly. The other background service is jsDelivr and they also appear to be using Fastly.

I'll post any responses I get here.