Making my IP address resolve to my hostname


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Right now, my IP addresses don't resolve to my hostnames. The names do resolve to the IPs as I set those at my registrar. What needs to be done to have the other lookup work properly? I think other mail servers that use SPF will reject any email originating from this server if the IP address can't be resolved to a hostname.
Ah, dug a little and I think I answered my own question. It appears that it is problematic for other domains on the box if the IP address resolves to a different domain, especially with regard to mail. So I think this is probably best left alone, right?
I am having problems with this now, every major email provider is currently rejecting any email sent from my VPS and listing the reason as me not having reverse DNS available.

Did anyone find a solution for this or a method of how to do it?

all internet accessible hosts are expected to have a reverse DNS entry (per RFC1912 2.1), and many mailservers will likely block e-mail from mailservers with no reverse dns entry.