Main Site Down? Or is it Just me?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ubarose, May 21, 2011.

  1. ubarose

    ubarose New Member

    I can get to (knownhost forums) but can't connect to (main site) or my own sites? Is it just me?

    Nevermind. It's all good now.
  2. challgren

    challgren Member

    Yeah I'm having the same issue also having issues with 2 of my VPSes that are hosted in Texas
  3. mimiburned

    mimiburned New Member

    No, it wasn't just you :(

    Couldn't access my VPS, support nor Knownhost homepage for almost 11 minutes. Now everything's working.

    I wonder what happened?
  4. kingtas

    kingtas New Member

    Whoa, 11 minutes. That must have been a terrible time for you. :D
  5. mimiburned

    mimiburned New Member

    If I paid for those 11 minutes, then it is a big deal. Sorry you can't grasp that.
  6. kingtas

    kingtas New Member

    Yes, and in a perfect world, that would never have happened. Sorry you can't grasp that.
  7. mimiburned

    mimiburned New Member

    So I can't say nothing about it because it was only 11 minutes? I have to shut up? I wasn't even making a big deal about it, not sure what is your problem .

    Keep posting, ignored. Moron.
  8. kingtas

    kingtas New Member

    Sure. You can whine all you want tough guy.

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