Main diff WHM/Cpanel and Power Panel


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Since this is my first VPS, I'm aware of what the WHM/cpanel stuff is but wasn't aware of what the Power Panel is. The power panel looks like it controls the VM itself, where I can reboot it and access it outside my VMS. I'll also be trying to use remote desktop because when I'm at work they won't allow the ports to be used when connecting via the web browser. Is accessing my VM to the power panel or WHM? Of course I'll be going home tonight to read up on all the services and features that are available. Coming from an oversold shared hosting service to this is a big change and a lot more features and options. So far it looks great and I'm excited!
WHM controls services inside of the VM such as Apache, MySQL, etc.

Power Panel does indeed control the VM itself allowing you to reboot it, etc.