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so far I always used hosts which had some sort of maillist server up and running for the use of shared/reseller clients who don't have the necessary root access to install such scripts themselves. The majority used GNU Mailman (

Upon finding that there's no maillist incorporated into accounts and due the fact that the only available Fantastico script is a simple one-way newsletter script (phplist) which doesn't enable discussion/group mailing, I was out trying to find some reliable grouplist script and so far failed.

Would Knownhost consider setting up GNU Mailman for client use? Else, does anyone have suggestions for discussion list scripts one can set up on a shared server without fear this will turn into a spam-spewer?
At this time we won't be able to do this. We are very against allowing mailing lists in shared/reseller as all those customers share the same mail server and when mass emailing this puts all the customers at risk for being blacklisted, etc. So we keep prohibit such emailings in shared/reseller and highly recommend a VPS as you have your own mail server and can send as many emails as you desire (resource dependent). So if you need to mass email I would say take a look at our VPS plans so you have the flexibility you need.

Hi Joel,

I wasn't talking about mass mailing or large newsletters, but instead of discussion group lists. I ran such on very small shared hosting accounts in the past and there never was even a burp visible in the server stats. By the way, your Fantastico offer contains one list which is exclusively geared to newsletter mailing.

AFAIK one can set Mailman up so that certain limits per account will be respected and mails stay under a set number. What I also suggested was more in the line of setting up Mailman on a server apart for the use of Shared/Reseller accounts, as it's impossible to set it up without root access anyway.