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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by brushwoodnursery, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. brushwoodnursery

    brushwoodnursery New Member

    I'm new as of April. Signed up in my busy time and didn't dig deep because everything worked fine. Now, I'm having mail trouble. Seems I'm bouncing some mail but not all. Trouble looks to have started around the end of July. I've been looking everywhere. My cPanel is set for no trapping or assassination or anything like that. I have all forward to my gmail account but none of these messages are showing up in my spam folder there either. I know I'm missing them because customers have been reporting trouble getting through (using my contact form on my site) and I receive some email regularly. Is there something in Virtuosso, WHM or cPanel that I'm missing like an overall admin spam setting not attached to any one account? I really need these emails. The only clue I get is in a Yahoo group that reports my digests have been "soft bouncing" since July 29th.
    I'm in my quiet time now, but that will end shortly. Please help if you know. Thanks!
  2. brushwoodnursery

    brushwoodnursery New Member

    OK, so it seems I may have a problem with my mail server according to a testing site: Being that I'm way over my head here, I'd sure like to know how to proceed. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  3. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Hello brushwoodnursery and welcome to the knownhost forums!

    I'm going to move this thread out of the Linux VPS General to the Linux VPS CPanel forum as your issue is CPanel related.

    I'm sure someone will help you out here with your issue but please note this is NOT the official support channel with Knownhost Support Staff. Many times Knownhost executive staff replies here but if your really in a hurry to get your issue resolved, I would suggest opening up a ticket at

  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello Brushwood and welcome to Knownhost :)

    Without knowing if you've sent in a support request yet I think we need a bit more information here.

    You report trouble forwarding email to an outside account from a form. Well, do normal email paths work? For instance is email someone sends you NOT using the form get forwarded/received ok?

    You also report that DNSstuff is showing errors for your server but we kind of need to know what those errors are before we can even start :)
  5. brushwoodnursery

    brushwoodnursery New Member

    Just wrote this in reply to the move:

    I deleted a bunch of mail from webmail last night and received a flood of mail this morning that includes some of the regular ones that had gone missing over the last couple of weeks. Also, DNSstuff now indicates my mail servers are communicating just fine. Maybe I just needed a cleanup.
    This leads to the next question: All of my mail accounts are forwarding but thousands of messages are still there. Is there a setting to drop them? (after X days would be nice). They're forwarding mostly to my gmail account. I've enjoyed the gmail account but it isn't necessary if I need to do my cpanel's webmail instead. Played in Horde for the first time last night (been doing some squirrel on another host and it's just OK) and I like it. Quick and flexible.
    Still concerned that all is not quite right in the stew and would love advice.

    Will reply to Dan in next post.
  6. brushwoodnursery

    brushwoodnursery New Member

    I have not sent a request yet.
    It's some mail from customers through regular channels (maybe attachments being a problem) some from my other server and some through a form; so, not likely the post program in the form's software.
    Yahoo Groups reports a "soft bounce" when I log in there and view my settings for a group where I receive a daily digest.
    DNSstuff reported last night that they could not get through to communicate at all with my mail server but says it's fine today.
  7. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Yes that is how CPanel's forwarders work. If you do NOT create a local account for the email address it will forward the mail with no trace. If you DO create a local account for the email address it will keep a copy AND forward a copy.

    Sounds like maybe you set a quota on your inbox to me. If so you can change it to 0 and it will be unlimited. Up to the size of your account anyways ;)

    It sounds like maybe you're seeing some propagation issues. Does your domain still have your old nameservers in at your registrar or anything like that?
  8. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    I'm unclear as to what Yahoo groups and the soft bounce have to do with anything. Is the daily digest you're expecting there being sent from your server? Assuming so you need to make sure you ask Knownhost to set up a PTR for your IP and tell them what to set it to. I use the server name for what to set it to. And you will also need to add SPF records to your zone files which you can go to and read up on how to configure it for your situation.
  9. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    Why not just use the gmail address to begin with if that's where you want everything sent?
  10. brushwoodnursery

    brushwoodnursery New Member

    Yahoo sends the digest to one of my addresses daily. I thought their phrase "soft bounce" might be a clue to what's wrong with my mail server.
    The inbox quota was not exceeded according to the cpanel page for email accounts, but there were several thousand emails in there so maybe it was just clogged.(?)
    The name servers were changed back in April when I switched to KH and worked perfectly until late July. Host summary is also set up with my correct IP.
    I'm going to do a little test drive tonight to see if I can replicate some of the problems.
    To khiltd: I have definite need to keep them separate and to know where they originated. I have several businesses and some personal communications and gmail is a convenience that works for me right now. Saves me logging in at 8 webmail panels a day.
  11. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    An actual email client would save you from logging into any webmail panels at all.
  12. brushwoodnursery

    brushwoodnursery New Member

    I appreciate your advice but i really like the way I have it set up now. I just want my email to work.

    BTW, the system seems fine now. Must be all the old messages in there. Even though it didn't register as being over a quota on the accounts, after i cleaned out the old messages it began to work fine.
  13. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    And how long until they all fill up again?

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