Mail settings for Joomla migration


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My MX records point to an off site location for email. We've moved our Joomla site over to a VPS at KH. I am having troubles getting the site to submit the registration emails out. As in, people sign up for a new login. They are to get a registration email, and I am supposed to receive an email to approve them.

I'm thinking my SMTP settings are wrong, but I may be way off base. Some things are empty, but they worked that way over on GoDaddy, so I don't know. I also can't find that info anywhere... Anyway, here they are:

Mailer: Sendmail
Mail from: Client @
From Name: Business Name
Sendmail Path: [empty]
SMTP Authentication: No
SMTP Security: None
SMTP Port: 25
SMTP Username: [empty]
SMTP Password: [empty]
SMTP Host: localhost

Thanks for your help!!
Hello themaelane,

If you used WHM's zone editor to configure your MX records then the domain should automatically be removed from /etc/localdomains but you might want to double check it to make sure.

Here are the settings I am using in my Joomla install:
Mailer: PHP mail function
Mail from: my email address
From name: my domain name
Sendmail path: /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP auth: no
SMTP security: none
SMTP port: 25
SMTP username: none
SMTP password: none
SMTP host: localhost

Hope that helps!