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  1. computervitals

    computervitals New Member

    As we have it now, I can access pop3 server via client.
    We can also get our mail from web

    How can I have it so we can also get to be ?
  2. Jinson

    Jinson New Member

    If you're saying that you want people who type in

    to go to your webmail, you first need edit your DNS records to make point at your server IP.

    Then configure your httpd.conf for your particular domain to add in that alias for your domain's IP address to point to your webmail directory.

    For directadmin, the domain's custom httpd.conf file can usually be found at /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/YOURDOMAIN/httpd.conf.

    Just check the mail httpd.conf file located at /etc/httpd/conf to see the include path. After locating your domain's custom httpd.conf file, you need to edit the ServerAlias line to add the info you want.

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