Mail not going to Hotmail?


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Alright, so I created a test email at hotmail and sent me email from my script. Nothing. It's been about an hour and the mail (tried various times) has not gone through. Not in junk, nowhere!

I sent an email from my GMail account and that went through within the minute. Why/how did my mail just disappear?
Because Hotmail is a horrible service that treats all mail which does not originate from one of about five major National ISPs as garbage.
I had the same problem with one of my yahoo accounts and only one account. To protect spam they have set up so many filters which is causing a lot of problem with so many people
i've given up on hotmail and told my users to use other providers. it's just so wildly inaccurate and unreliable.
Make sure you have PTRs and SPF configured and your script is sending from a valid domain.

Yahoo in the not too distant past start using delaying filters so there can definitely be a significant delay in delivery. If you're not sending via SMTP and the script doesn't queue and retry that might explain why it's not getting through.

Hotmail is horrible for emails simply disappearing. Even stranger is when I was seeing this and I put a few lines of text into the body of the email I would actually be sent :confused: go figure. Probably want to be sure it has a subject too.
Hotmail is not working on our KH VPS as well.
We use Gmail's SMTP instead.

So if you dont mind using other email service other than yours, try gmail...