Mail not being forwarded to Gmail


Hey all,

I've got a user who has set up an email account (mailbox) plus a forwarder on the same email. Therefore emails come to the server and also get forwarded to his account at gmail.

The emails are being received in his mailbox, but he tells me he's not getting it at his gmail account. I've checked my logs and the logs show the connection to gmail and a 'completed' tag at the end, which indicates to me that it was received.

I know hotmail is horrid for bounching legit emails, but does gmail fit into the same boat? I've got him to check filters at his end but he assures me something is broken at my end.

I've got my own gmail account and everything is working fine for me. I moved him between my vps accounts but that hasn't appeased him. I'm reluctant to open a support ticket because I honestly don't think there is anything wrong at this end.

Ideas? Anyone had similar ?

Hello Pmcwebs,

If you see the emails being sent in your server logs then supply him with a snippet of the log showing that they are being sent.

If the emails are bouncing then they are probably bouncing to his main account which can be checked by going to webmail in cpanel and looking in the inbox there. One reason this might be happening is because SPF was not set up for the domain.

Only other thing I can think of to check is his forwarder to make sure he has his gmail address correct.

Not much help but there really isn't anything more that you can do.
Why can't he just setup Gmail to check his other account for him rather than forward it all?

Have you ever noticed that people who uses computers are idiots? I think most of the worlds computer idiots are my customers. I've sent him snippets from the log, clearly showing that the email was delivered, and he still submits support tickets saying it's my fault. I've offered all these suggestions to him but apparently the fault is at my server, according to him. Unfortunately, this client has referred quite a few clients to me so I'm loath to get stuck into him.

I was hoping if anyone has had similar experience with gmail I could use that to convince him that the problem isn't at my (knownhosts) end.

I have seen Gmail lose messages (in both directions) for no apparent reason, yes. I also have clients who've had their Google Calendars--which they stupidly came to rely upon for business purposes despite the giant "BETA" right there at the top of the page--mangled or wiped out entirely. Google's branding campaign has managed to convince the world that anything they slap their name on is solid gold, but the age old adage about getting what you pay for applies just as much to them as it does to anyone else. I don't use any of their non-search related services personally, but an SPF record couldn't hurt.