Mail delivery reports


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We just switched to DA from CPanel ... when I needed to check on a mail delivery there was a nice option in CPanel that would let you search for a destination email and then show you the delivery information, or the errors. How do I check on email in DA?

DirectAdmin doesn't have such a feature as what cPanel does.

However; there has been a request for something similar:

The method DirectAdmin uses is as follows:

-> Log Viewer
-> selecting Exim Mainlog
-> use grep to find what you want.

This is essentially how we search for mail on the server at command-line (SSH) they just have interfaced this into the panel to make it a little easier.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is that in order to read the log properly -- you need to be somewhat familiar with how Exim handles its output for incoming/outgoing mail.

cPanel just makes the process entirely user-friendly by formatting the data for easy-to-read use; but uses the same data differently.
Thanks found what I needed, will look at what tools are available or write something myself.