Lots of happy VPS users BUT...


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...are there any happy regular shared hosting users here? Can't seem to find any non-VPS posts about server speed and uptime.

Shared hosting users care to share?;)
I have a reseller account with knownhost, uptime and speed are just fantastic, not to mention the support in case of any problems.
I've got a reseller account and I must agree with all of the positive statements about KnownHost. The only thing they haven't done for me is bought me beer. Yet.
Your probably not going to want to hear from me as I am in fact a VPS customer, however there's no doubt that the same staff, expertise and care goes into each hosting account regardless of what plan you are on and as seen on many forums on the web, I don't think you'll be too unhappy here ;)
I would think that if the service for the shared accounts was not up to par with the VPS accounts, we would definately be seeing some complaints about it here.

The fact that the customers don't have to say anything here speaks volumes.
I was kind of wondering about this too. I don't see much in terms of standard shared hosting or reseller posts compared to vps/hybrid. I'm sure if they weren't happy they would let us know in here somewhere. You usually tend to see a bunch of posts when something isn't working or messed up compared to when it is working good and right. I really haven't seen this in here.

But please by all means anyone and everyone with shared hosting and reseller hosting please post any comments.

I am personally wondering about the uptimes and server loads for these packages. I know vps is more than impressive, but would really like to hear any input from you folks.

Thanks for all responses

I guess it's a good thing there aren't any posts about shared hosting...satisfied customers don't see a real need to post.
:) Noted..


That's great! In the future, maybe we can expect:

1 free Lite Beer of your choice with every Shared/Reseller account
1 free Guinness with every VPS account


My guess is that if you were to look at a pie chart of all of KH's clients, you would probably see a much bigger slice of VPS vs. Shared or Reseller. Might not be the case, but just my guess. If true, that's another reason why you see more posts from VPS clients.
Yep, VPS is our speciality. Lots of experience with it which is what makes us who we are.

I'm a very happy reseller here, but I've only been here a few days so I'm not really sure that carries much weight.
I have a reseller account which is pretty much a shared account with the ability to add other domains. Only reason I tried it was because I had a vps that was awesome, but I can't justify or afford the cost for my small little site. Uptime was off the chart I will give them that for vps.

Reseller account:
What do I think of it, uptime is good...features = no good.

They don't let you see the server status at all reseller or shared.

Php limits uploads to 32 mb's which is almost nothing these days. The reseller panel is totally stripped down. Nothing much available there. This is a very basic simple plan that could only be used for static html pages in my opinion. Both space and bandwidth is so small you really can't do much with it. You certainly can't resell it. No ffmpeg which so many have, yeah I know it chews up the cpu and ram, but if you don't throw 400 sites on one server you might be alright.

It does seem very slow loading simple pages more often than not. Maybe backups are running but doubtfull all the time.

Shared/reseller php runs as cgi, so that plays apart with the .htaccess files for alot of people.

In my opinion not worth the money for the limited space and bandwidth. Save your money for a vps, or go with another host for shared/reseller.

If vps is what you are after they do a good job with it.

I do like their vps, if you are a beginer shared or reseller might be ok, but who know's.

I am certainly disappointed.
Sorry you didn't like our Reseller hosting. VPS's are our forte which does factor into what is or isn't permissable in Reseller hosting. We do have several Reseller clients very happy but we don't offer all the features like the main Reseller hosts out there. That is where we feel a VPS is right (our opinion). I wish you the best. Happy Holidays!

The only things I don't like about my account (KH Pro+) is the fact php runs as CGI and there is no php/mysql 5. Apart from these, rest is perfect.