Looking to transfer...



just a few quick questions i guess..

I'm under the impression that with a few exceptions this will be just like running a dedicated server - is this a valid assumption, that as long as I don't hammer on it everything will be fine?

Also, since I come from having ran my own dedicated server for over two years (i worked for a local ISP and was downsized) I've noticed a few things that I want to make sure about.

Is MySQL a shared resource or will it be my own instance?

I see that a few things like Apache/PHP (i assume MySQL) will be installed on creation of the account - which version of these or can i specify them when signing up?

Is there a limit to software I cannot install? Like can i install CPAN libraries? PEAR libraries? Python? Ruby on Rails? CVS?

I believe i saw that there was a limit to the number of TCP connections. Was that per VPS? per physical machine? do you have handy any software that will allow me to limit the number of TCP connections my users take up? (I assume it would be through Iptables but I'm not sure).

Also, I believe i saw that if i choose just webmin that only sendmail will be installed, will I be able to install qmail/qmailadmin/ezmlm myself or can i request it be isntalled by the techs when i sign up or are there other options for me?

I had more questions but I can't seem to recall them so I will end on this note. Even if I am unable to go with your services, I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks. Not only because of the price, but because of the professionalism and the quick response times, but also because of the knowledgability that the staff have shown in the few dozen threads that I have read in the past few hours.
VPS is very close to the dedicated server with pretty much the only exception is that you can't replace the system kernel and can't change kernel-related configuration parameters. Everything else is the same or very similar as to what you have on the dedicated server - you get full root-level access, can install any application (unless kernel modification is required by the application), can change configuration for your nameserver, mail server, etc.
Versions of pre-installed software highly depends on what kind of control panel is selected. In case of webmin your VPS will have Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc installed from the latest CentOS RPM repository.
Hope this answers your questions.