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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Unregistered, Jul 17, 2012.

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    I spent many years with Godaddy but when my business started growing, they moved my domains to a different shared server that was totally bogged down and made my sites so slow, they would time out. Additionally, they had me on an open SMTP relay and while my emails were getting through, it would sometimes take 30 minutes or more.

    So then I switched to HostGator and started with their level 3 VPS solution, which solved the speed problem. My sites are pretty fast now and even mail delivery is prompt, except every single domain I've moved over is unable to send mail without it ending up in SPAM/JUNK folders. I don't send bulk mail. These are just emails that get sent out to end users to confirm email addresses when they register for an account on my site. I'm not blacklisted, I've set up SPF records, Domain Keys, DKIM, Reverse DNS, etc. Nothing works. Obviously I can't run my business/sites this way. I've been working with them for over a month on this issue and it's still not resolved.

    I'm looking for a hosting provider that can solve both of these issues. I use Joomla on all of my sites, run 30+ domains. Obviously, I'm reluctant to go through the process of backing all of those sites up and moving everything over to find that I'm still having some of these issues or new ones pop up.

    Can someone assure me that I'll be in safe hands if I switch to your company?
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    Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. We will do our best to make sure things work for you. We take care of our customers and do everything we can to make them happy. We can migrate your data from your current host so help make them move easier as well. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for the quick reply... I guess that was a fairly open ended question. Have you had customers complaining about emails being sent to spam/junk folders? Most all of my sites require that users register to manage various services and very few of them are technically savvy enough to know how to check their spam/junk folders or even look there in the first place, despite whatever instructions they've been given. Most of them don't read the notices. It's imperative that they receive these confirmation emails in their inboxes or I'll lose customers/money.

    Thanks again,
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    Not recently but it can happen time to time. Usually something isn't setup 100% properly and once fixed the issues subsides. Hope this helps.

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    Should be fine Knownhost are alot better than those hosts you mentioned.

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