Looking for mass email help with custom php script


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I have a vps account with KH. I have a php script that will send out batches of 500+ emails at a time, member to member, all opt-in. Does anyone have experience with mass emails on a vps account? I am considering PEAR mail and mail_queue to help with batching to 60 emails per minute. Any suggestions or recommendations is appreciated.
I recommend either ConstantContact or MailChimp. You're almost certainly going to get your IPs black listed if you do a 500+ blast off of your server, plus these applications will handle the un-subscriptions and will make your message look more legitimate. That being said, assuming you've read, understand, and are adhering to the CANSPAM laws on the FTC's website and you still wish to use your php script I'm not 100% sure that is acceptable under KH's AUP. May want to verify that first, or I'm sure a staff member will chime in shortly. I've had customers do blasts off of their server/IP, even with opt in they got black listed.
Thanks for replying but I can't ask 500 individual members for this site to login to mailchimp and pick a design to send a quick message to the other members. A php programmer set this up years ago and he has this working. 500 members are happily sending message to each other everyday without any issues. I had no clue it would be so hard to get advice on the mass mailing software. I choose KH for this reason and this job. These aren't blasts and they aren't spam. Thanks again
Yes and I am having a very hard time getting this project done and in compliance with everyone. I was hoping to find someone who had experience with PEAR mail_queue. Or could recommend another program that handles the throttling (KH and mail provider compliance). I just hired a guy that has done mail_queue before.
Without more details it doesn't sound like a difficult program being just an internal communication system. Would have to look at the code to tell. If your guy doesn't work out, let me know.