Looking for Ckassroom Test Scripts (Googled & Yahooed out!)

Wired Techie

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Hi all,

If anyone can help me find a decent PHP classroom testing script that supports Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers (where more than one answer is correct), and fill in the blank questions.

The results of the test need to be mailed to an email address.

I've Googled and Yahooed for days, the stuff I found either no longer exists, or won't work with PHP5.

Maybe some of you may have better luck finding something, and I would prefer it to be free (open source) but if you know of a good one with a low price tag that works, let me know.

Thanks a bunch,

I can't say I've heard of any, but I'll bet there are some out there.

A few questions about what you're looking for.

Do you want it to grade things automatically? Or are you just looking to have a test form made and the answers emailed to you for grading?