Looking for any experience with ownCloud

Terry Frazier

New Member
Has anyone here experimented with ownCloud <https://owncloud.org/install/>? I have an efriend in the EU who has set this up and written about it a little, and I have looked over some of the documentation. But, honestly, I do not know too much about it.

I'm interested in having something under my control which can substitute for dropbox and google calendar. ownCloud seems to be an option. If anyone here has experience I am interested in hearing about it. Thanks.

- twf
Hi TerryI have an owncloud installation and it works just fine.
Use it mainly to give my clients a place to upload images and documents for web-development.
The desktop sync app works well and for a small payment you can have an app for your android as well.

I do not use the calendar plugin so can't comment on that.

My suggestion is to just install it in a subdomain somewhere and play around with it.