Looking for a great web based email client


Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a great web based email client. Something that can manage approximately 5-10 email accounts flawlessly. I tried working w/ Gmail several years ago and it wasn't pulling my mail consistently.

It would also be nice if said client had an Android app that worked just as well.

Suggestions? Go!
Hey @Chimpie

If you're not a fan of using your own RoundCube install, you may want to check out these:
K9 Mail (Android App Only)

I personally haven't used WhiteOut, but read good things about it. MailPile and K9, I use daily and love all of them for their Open Source background. =)
I actually really like roundcube, although to be fair I don't use it that often and I haven't tried more than one account on it. Mailpile looks pretty good.
I use K9 and initially it had some bugs but they've worked out most of them. It's great now. I've 3 email accounts and it woks with no problem. There's a Unified inbox that shows you all the email from all email accounts or you can go to an individual account to see just those emails. Use it in combination with "Email Widget" available on GooglePlay and you can customize a widget on your Android's desktop to show you're emails at a glance. I did a lot of searching before settling with K9. Both K9 and the Email Widget allow great customizing and features that I've not found with any other app.