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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kenb, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. kenb

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    something I noticed ever since you changed design is that the new page loads horridly slow for me, it's like treacle. I am (unfortunately) on ISDN access, so that means often waiting minutes for the page to build so far as to trigger the next link. Sometimes the load time exceeds browser allowance, even.

    I checked for the reasons, because at first I suspected some bottleneck on my provider's side, but this isn't the case. Your home page loads with 366215 bytes, with a lot of that due graphics. It ought to be possible to compress them quite a bit.


  2. Bryan

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    With all due respect (I realize you're not asking KH to redesign their site or anything), you're using technology that's 25 some-odd years old!!! You surely can't expect a company (any company) to design their sites and technology around people using heavily-outdated equipment. It's almost like asking Youtube to redesign how their videos are played because it takes forever to watch them on dial-up. Not sure about anyone else, but KH loads in under a second on my 20mbit connection.
  3. K24

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    It loads fine for me, takes literally just 2 seconds.

    When I was on dial up, I never even bothered to use youtube or many other sites that would take ages to load, didnt see the point with page just wasting time buffering

    Most public sites are created with standard pcs/connection and operrating systems speed in mind anyway
    I remember my old 3 gig laptop that I used to run with just windows 98 installed, used to be a right nightmare, but you learn to manage.
  4. Sue C

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    Loads very quick for me also. In fact, I'm fond of the new design. I didn't mention that in the redesign thread.

    Oh haha. Now this will date me, but my first (modern...original was a Commodore 64) computer had Windows 95 installed (it was brand new), a whole 1 gig HD, 64MB of memory, and a 14.4 modem. Top of the line then, I'll tell ya.;)

    But then, there wasn't much to the internet yet, either. I was online before Google even appeared. :eek:

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