Lifetime Discount


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I'm interested with VPS L with a lifetime discount to cut the cost a bit but right now there's none in place.

If i get a plan with KH2MONTHS promo now, would I still be eligible to avail other promo coupons that would arise? Let's say I get VPS L now and use it for 1 month. And next month there would be a new promo with a lifetime discount, can i just drop the old promo and avail the new promo on my 2nd month? Or should i just wait until there's a new lifetime discount offer?

What do you think?

We have had this asked by current customers before they signed up and the way we approach this is simple. If we run a different promotion within 30 days which includes a lifetime discount yes we will allow you to move to that. You would need to contact us to get this though. If we don't run a special with a lifetime discount within 30 days we wouldn't be able to to switch it. Hope this helps.

If in case it was only after 2 months that there came a new promo with a lifetime discount, would it be ok to just close the old account (without lifetime discount) and apply for a new one to avail of the new promo (with lifetime discount)? Makes sense? Since a plan is only on a monthly basis, it would be fine to just finish the old one without lifetime discount and just setup a new one, right? or won't you allow this to happen?
We don't allow cancelling them signing back up as this is indirectly combining coupons and creates a lot of work (when you think about all of our customers and the promotions we are constantly running). Just imagine 1000+ customers cancelling, signing back up as this requires new IP's, new VPS build, migration of data, etc.