lfd on {server}: LOCALRELAY Alert for nobody


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I've recently signed up for a SSD package and today was the first time I tried sending out a bulk email from one of the host sited. Within seconds I get an email with the following...

Time: Sun Aug 11 13:29:08 2013 -0400
Type: LOCALRELAY, Local Account - nobody
Count: 101 emails relayed
Blocked: No

Sample of the first 10 emails:
... with a list of emails that should have gone out.

Is this telling that the emails are not really getting sent out? If so, what do I need to take care of it? :confused:

We can see that the email were sent out (and not blocked) by this:

Blocked: No

This is simply informing you that an account sent out a lot of emails. Often times this will help you catch exploited scripts, accounts, etc. In this instance it looks like you're using a PHP script to send the emails based on the user being nobody.

I'd recommend leaving the alert enabled and just ignoring it when you send your mass emails, this way, if something is to get exploited and start spamming, you'll know about it.

Thanks for the information. From reading up on it a bit more it looks like I can also whitelist known scripts but since it isn't often that I send out bulk emails, as opposed to the normal email subscriptions that XenForo sends out, I'll just leave it as-is for now. :)
Glad to see another XenForo user :) In the past couple of months since XF has picked back up on development I've really seen a huge growth in XF users.

Happy hosting! Let us know if you ever need anything.