legacy file manager + css issues


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I'm used to CPanel X and the old style of file manager, but even the legacy edition is too "advanced" for my liking - I don't want the slick interface (simple icons and plain text, please) and there is no way to get rid of it without disabling css in my browser (which then automatically disables it for every other tab I have open, which is extremely bad for productivity). Additionally, the file manager won't show me .htaccess files, meaning I am limited to using FTP on my own computer, rather than being able to use any computer and have the file manager. The problem is I don't get much time on my own computer any more, so I was really needing the file manager, but as it stands I find it pretty useless (bloated interface and no way to access hidden files).

The other thing is that css does not seem to load/render for anything I install through Fantastico. At first I thought it was a bug on the computer I was using, where I'd only just been given a private profile (instead of using the generic guest profile), and was still in the process of modifying all the settings, plus getting used to Firefox 3. But, no, it's the same problem, if not worse, on my computer (different OS, different browser). Fantastico itself is fine, but Wordpress, Template Express and TikiWiki all display sans css and I can't find any way to correct this (I was poking around in file manager but found it altogether too much hassle to use). Oh, and that reminds me... I FTP'd in to download the TE files to modify but I wasn't able to get a directory listing - it said denied.

I'm going to assume that if I install something myself ie "manually" that the css will work, because the thought of not having css gives me the screaming heebies.

Based on prior experience (more than 10 years' worth) I suspect the non-rendering of css is a server issue, as in something in the path is not right.
Hello parity,

I'm no help with your css problems but I have to wonder if it's because you're enabling/disabling css and the browser just gets confused maybe?

When you first click to open a file manager you get a pop up dialog box. One of the check boxes on that dialog box is to show hidden files, if you check that box you'll see all dot files just fine.

Hope that helps
[FONT=&quot]How can I view my template css or html and download it? [/FONT][FONT=&quot]I have created a customized theme. I really like it and want to save it on my hard drive as a template. I also want to see the coding. I need information on how to download it.
Thanks! I'm learning Html and CSS and want to see it.[/FONT]
Hello narmada :)

I have not done any theme modifications or anything but it looks like in WHM you can go to the Universal Theme Manager and then to the cPanel Theme Manager and one of the options there is to download themes.

Hope that helps!