Leasing additional IPs for each domain


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I host business domains in my VPS and when one PC within that domain gets infected by a trojan all of the domains gets affected when the IP address ends up in a blacklist. My solution to this would be to lease an IP for each domain I host so that everyone is on their own. Does this sound like an easy fix to implement?

When I lease say, 15 IPs, do I just start assigning that to each domain and then go to the next one? Oh, this is Plesk by the way.


Unfortunately this is not a "solution". A solution would be to prevent the sites from getting infected in the first place by keeping them secure.

With IPv4 in the state that it's in, everyone is "cracking down" on getting proper IP justification and unfortunately we'd not provide you with IPs for this.
I don't have control of the sites though. My objective was to avoid the interruption of the other domains while those responsible for the other sites get their act together in securing their workstations.
One option to this would be to lease email services from Rackspace...
I do this, and have mail services completely disabled on my systems.