Language Filter for Email


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I don't see now to add a language filter to an account. I have a commercial site that gets too much spam email from what I THINK is Russian. This is a local business in Ohio and I would like to block any email that is in a foreign language. I know that Google has a language filter but is it possible to use such a think in the Global filters for an account?

I tried adding this to the "body" but it didn't work.

lang:af OR lang:am OR lang:ar OR lang:az OR lang:be OR lang:bg OR lang:bh OR lang:bn OR lang:bo OR lang:ca OR lang:chr OR lang:cs OR lang:da OR lang:de OR lang:dv OR lang:el OR lang:eo OR lang:es OR lang:et OR lang:eu OR lang:fa OR lang:fi OR lang:fr OR lang:gl OR lang:gn OR lang:gu OR lang:hi OR lang:hr OR lang:hu OR lang:hy OR lang:id OR lang:is OR lang:it OR lang:iu OR lang:iw OR lang:ja OR lang:ka OR lang:kk OR lang:km OR lang:kn OR lang:ko OR lang:ku OR lang:ky OR lang:lo OR lang:lt OR lang:lv OR lang:mk OR lang:ml OR lang:mn OR lang:mr OR lang:ms OR lang:mt OR lang:my OR lang:ne OR lang:nl OR lang:no OR lang:eek:r OR lang:pa OR lang:pl OR lang:ps OR lang:pt-PT OR lang:ro OR lang:ru OR lang:sa OR lang:sd OR lang:si OR lang:sk OR lang:sl OR lang:sq OR lang:sr OR lang:sv OR lang:sw OR lang:ta OR lang:te OR lang:tg OR lang:th OR lang:tl OR lang:tl OR lang:tr OR lang:ug OR lang:uk OR lang:ur OR lang:uz OR lang:vi OR lang:zh OR lang:zh-CN OR lang:zh-TW
Are these emails being generated from a contact form on a website?
Are the spam emails coming from the same email address. or same domain?
Have you checked the email headers to see if the emails are coming from the same email server?
Yes, they some are coming from a contact form but not all.. They come from various email addresses and domains and email servers. I know that Google allows you to use the previously mentioned language strings to block foreign language email. Is there no way to do that with the CPanel global mail filters? The only emails that I care to receive are English language.
Start by adding a captcha to that contact form if there's not one already. Google's is easy to use.

I don't believe there is a simple, already built in, way to add a language filter for emails unfortunately, but if there are unique and reoccurring "words" in these emails I would start by filtering those and slowly add to that list as some slip through. That's just for starters while building a better solution.

If you check those IPs are they coming from the same outside countries? If so, you could block the country in ConfigServer Firewall. I block Russia, China, and Nigeria and it cuts down on hacking and spamming by quite a lot.
Thanks. I actually already have the IP addresses blocked for various countries but most come through US based servers.