Kudos to Paul!

Brian Bindner

New Member
I´d just like to be sure to thank Paul here in this forum - he did a over the top notch fabolous job helping me out with some blocked IP (by AT&T), and without his help, I would have had no other choice than to leave KnownHost and search for another provider. My self, 2 Cubecart developers, Sitelock and a number of other KnownHost technicians AND PayPal technicians had no clue to what the problem was - Paul stepped up and saved the day by going in depth on the issue, and finally pointing the error out. Your work is highly appreciated, Paul - I think that calls for a payraise or at the minimum, a fat christmas bonus! :) Thanks for you help, Paul!

Thanks for your post! Glad we were able to find a solution to the problem you've experienced. Hope everything is working perfectly well for you now :)