Kudos, KnownHost!


Well, it has been quite the 24 hours or so, hasn't it?

I would simply like to pass along my appreciation for the way in which the KH team handled the situation that was (and, to some extent, still is) largely present throughout the day yesterday. As someone who has operated as a provider in the web hosting industry in the past, I can certainly relate to the stress, frustration, and aggravation that instinctively arises when situations such as this occur. Communication with those affected by the matter is crucial, regardless of whether the news being conveyed is positive or negative. Clients must be kept informed so that they can formulate their own recovery plans / damage control solution(s) while the situation is still very much so taking place.

From my point of view, you folks excelled in this regard and were proactive in providing us with updates as more information on the situation was made available and provided by Colo4. As a small suggestion, I would recommend improving your presence on social networks - more specifically, Facebook and Twitter. It's quite evident that the majority of folks bashing you on Twitter did not bother to visit these forums or Web Hosting Talk, however it would have dissolved quite a bit of tension and anger if a small mention of the situation was made. Again, this is merely a suggestion.

Your response to this situation only reassures my decision to go with KnownHost. And Paul, I think it's about time that you catch up on some sleep. ;)
Ditto. I'm not going anywhere. I think I've been mad at KH one time during all these years and that was resolved to my satisfaction. It had more to do with a miscommunication between support and I than an actual issue.