KnownHost's Greatness


McDonald's Drywall Expert
I've been meaning to make a thread like this for a while, and I have finally gotten around to doing it.

First off let me say that knownhost is an incredible company. Since the day I got my first VPS from Knownhost in July, I was content with their service. I browsed around on looking for a new VPS host that provided what I needed for a reasonable price as an alternative to server giant, Ev1servers. I found their site and from all the positive reviews I immediately signed up. Everything was sweet from there, billing, support, service, network, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. I don't know what other words to use to describe it, but somehow knownhost does everything not an inch short of my expectations, but above and beyond them as well. It is very important for the support to be good because some people need help especially getting initial setup things done like network and DNS changes, and knownhost does that for you. The main thing I enjoy are the response times from the tech support, unmatchable. No host that I have ever had has beat knownhost's support response times. The servers are not oversold so your service is always top-notch. TRUE daily VPS backups are taken so your data is always close at hand. Ever since I had to leave knownhost a while back, my hosts have always let me down in places knownhost kept up. One host advertised off-server daily backups for all VPS services and a week after I ordered we got hacked and I requested a backup and they replied that they couldn't supply me with one because it wasn't available. My most recent host provides decent value, but lacks severely in the tech support area.

In the end, I can not say enough how great knownhost is, I just can't. The guys of this company do a great job of satisfying the ever-growing customer body, and don't decrease quality and quantity increases. I congratulate and give praise to all the guys here that work their butts off at all hours of the day to satisfy us; Alex, Eugene, Andrew, Paul, Joel, Jay, and everyone else in the crew. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!!

What the heck...let's add another satisfied customer to the list. I've only been here 2 days, but I'm loving it. Aside from the minor CA Datacenter snafu this morning (it happens, I know...and it was resolved within 5 or so minutes), things are great. I still can't believe that support tickets are actually answered here, let alone within minutes. I guess that's how things are supposed to be? :p Funny 'cause that never happened at my last host.

Merry Christmas you guys! Knownhost has definitely been an early Christmas present for our company. Keep it up!