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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Andrew, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Happy Customer(Linux Rox)

    I have been with knownhost for 5 - 6 months, and I really like the support, uptime, serverquality, the support that they give, but there is times i need to go outside of knownhost to find addons to make selling hosting better for me and my customers (I am a webhoster with Knownhost VPS). Some of these addons are Modernbill(billing), HyperSpin(monitor service). I have found that alot of host out there, give modernbill for a small 11 dollar fee or in most cases less then what Modernbill charges. I know Knownhost gives "other" billing software, but these software really do not show professionalism, which is why Knownhost uses Modernbill. I am now running a good fair hosting business, but I like thank knownhost for launching me into the right direction. I would like to know, if knownhost can provide some extra services, such as Hyperspin, as i hear they can buy a 1 time reseller license and get it for 30 USD and actually sell it 40% cheaper then what HyperSpin sells it for. I know knownhost uses these services, and it turns out that these services could help everyone that uses knownhost. I also see that modernbill allows you to be reseller for free, and you get 8.50 per license and you can reseller for 1 - 3 dollars more and gain a profit. I do not know why Knownhost is not into these stuff, but apparently it is a small push into the market of webhosting for them. I use Hyperspin now, and modernbill, but i want to get these all in 1 package from Knownhost.

    So I want to start a Poll, should Knownhost provide these services, as reselling Hyperspin to monitor your servers, and also resell Modernbill to help those who are moving into professionalism.

    Your vote, your choice, but this is a question, from a long time customer.

    - Andrew
  2. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    At this time I doubt we will offer Modernbill and Hyperspin. This doesn't mean we won't in the future but we do have some other items to focus on first. One thing to note managing 3 different billing systems (licenses) is quite cumbersome so for us to offer Modernbill we need obvious demand. Hope this helps. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Andrew

    Andrew Happy Customer(Linux Rox)

    Well, i find that many users rather have ModernBill then to have WHMCS for reason: Professionalism

    Plus modernbill actually looks after the licensing, it will automaticly send the link to register for it, i have a friend who got reseller and it, works on right on your own modernbill system, and it charges the reseller price to reseller. Doesn't take much to add it. I see many webhost's adding modernbill to the list of addons they have.

    I would agree it would take more time for Hyperspin, as there is no modernbill addon for that.

  4. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    Hi Andrew,

    Actually, WHMCS has become a very respected billing/support solution. Many hosting providers have left modernbill due to lack of support and what seems to be the very ineffencient Modernbill 5. Many believe that modernbill is so focused on thowing in so many new features that they forgot to make it user friendly and fast. I for one cannot stand modernbill and have switched over to WHMCS as its so much more logical and faster (and their support is great too). Try out a demo of it - there's nothing to loose but everything to gain(fast, effecient software - great support - great forum community - VERY easy customization).

    Thats just my 2 cents on WHMC vs. MB. Take it for what its worth.

    In any case, here the thread KH customers have created who voted for KH to start licensing MB:

    Interesting proposition, maybe if KH isnt interested maybe one of us will ;)

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