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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CPOWA, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. CPOWA

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    I’d like to thank KnownHost, Customer Support, for their patience and tolerance with me yesterday, especially Eugene - who worked the support ticket. What seemed like such a simple task; Registering KH name servers at GoDaddy, turned into a nightmare (at least for me) when GD kept insisting (3 different support techs) that the KH, DNS names were invalid because I kept getting a generic error, on their system, whenever I tried replacing their names with the KH names.

    Late yesterday afternoon, I finally figured out how to replace the GD names with the KH names. Incredibly, the procedure was quite different from that which the GD support techs kept pointing me to, as well as (step 4) of their own documentation. Additionally, the GD techs were more concerned about recruiting my hosting business for themselves than they were about solving my problem.

    In short, there is no comparison between KnownHost customer support and that of GoDaddy. In my opinion, they reside at opposite ends of a 10 point rating scale.

    This old retired main-framer (me!) will probably have to challenge the patience of customer support a few more times in the near future. I just hope they understand that it’s hard for an old dog to learn new tricks – but not impossible (yet).

  2. falkinpro1

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    Hey Paul,

    I am actually doing the exact same thing as you, moving my hosting from godaddy to KnownHost but keeping GoDaddy as the domain name holder. I haven't had problems updating the nameservers before but just in case can you give any advice in case my world crumbles beneath me? Thanks!
  3. CPOWA

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    When you go to change the godaddy name servers to KH:

    Click on My Account right after you sign on.

    Then click Manage Domains.

    • Check-mark the domain name that you want to change.
    • Click the same domain name
    Then click Manage Hosting Accounts, under the heading: Hosting: not hosted here.

    Then, change the godaddy DNS names to KH names and click OK.


    You might want to try the procedure they recommend, but it didn’t work for me (or them).

    Good Luck!
  4. falkinpro1

    falkinpro1 New Member

    EDIT: Figured it out, see next post.

    Tried but no luck, talked to godaddy and they said the nameservers that KnownHost gave me aren't registered which is why the system won't let me change them.

    Did you get this same problem too?
  5. falkinpro1

    falkinpro1 New Member

    Figured it out, wasn't that hard actually,

    It explains it and lays it out. Just do that to add each new nameserver, then go back to the domain management and click on the "nameservers" tab and you will be able to change the name servers to the new ones you just added (which are through KnownHost).

    From there you are good to go, takes up to 48 hours to update and I guess people will see the site from both hosting companies until everything is completely updated.
  6. khiltd

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    GoDaddy's new AJAX laden control panel is an absolute abomination, and what's worse, completely unnecessary. They're just trying to look cool and their support documentation is always at least a year behind. If I had actually followed the instructions they gave me for installing my SSL cert I never would have gotten anywhere.
  7. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    That's why I'm starting to migrate over to namecheap. Clean, sleek and fast interface. They're becoming a registrar too.
  8. DesotoD

    DesotoD New Member

    DirectI's support needs some lessons as well.
  9. Skyview

    Skyview Member

    I've never had problems registering my own servers at GoDaddy, but yes...their new control panel is horrible...I have an enom reseller account that I think I'll be using more in the future just so I don't have to deal with it.

    As for the difference in support...makes me really thank myself for not opening a WWD reseller account with them years ago with their sub par support. One way to look at it is the difference between level 1 and level 3 support techs but I wouldn't want to offend most level 1 support techs out there since most are better than the support experiences I have had with GoDaddy.

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