KnownHost not Drupal-friendly?


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I switched to KnownHost (VS2) because I read it was good, but my Drupal sites are ridiculously slow, mainly because of second-long (!!) queries. Slow queries are particularly disastrous for Drupal because a single page might have a hundred of them.

I've tried all sorts of mysql tweaks, to no avail, and support can't seen to help.

Would anyone know what the problem is? I'd gladly accept it if KnownHost just isn't and can't be configured to handle Drupal, and just move on to something else. It's mainly the constant 'we're working on it... there, that should fix it!' that I hate. I have no doubt they're doing their best, and they've been prompt in their replies, but it doesn't really change much.

Would anyone with experience setting up Drupal on KnownHost be willing to help me out, or explain why Drupal just isn't right for KnownHost? And maybe suggest a better alternative?

Apologies if I'm being silly in my expectations, but I specifically switched to a (for me) expensive VPS so I wouldn't have to deal with crappy shared hosting :-/.
I played around with Drupal for a minute with only a couple of plugins and it worked fine on my VS3 that had 768MB RAM at the time. Joomla and WordPress also run fine. Perhaps you need to check the plugins you run or upgrade to add more RAM.
I have 768 RAM. I have the problems even with a clean drupal install. So it can't be plugins or RAM.

It mostly seems to be queries that take ages.

Maybe I'm on a shitty server?
A clean install should not be giving you problems. Like I said, I installed Drupal and added a couple of plugins and pages just to see how Drupal compared to Joomla. The test site had no issues loading pages quickly.

Please PM me either your site URL or ticket number so I can take a look at this for you