Knownhost is losing quality in its


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I am a client of this company 4 years ago, I referred it every time I could. Their promise of sale is that they make the migration for free.

For me this means that I give the access credentials to my account and they are responsible for leaving everything configured on the new server. I have done at least 20 migrations and this has always worked. They took care of everything. Yesterday I started a routine migration process, and I have 24 hours with difficulties with my clients. They have left the process stopped in the middle wanting me to make a configuration in the hosting in the DNS zones.

If your service is limited and does not include this, why does not your sales staff say it clearly when they attend the live chat?

Frankly they are deteriorating their quality in technical support.

Has anyone else had experiences of this kind?
But when you made the migration, did they help you with the whole migration? For 4 years I have received good support, but lately I feel that the company is growing, they take more time to solve the tickets (although it is still less than an hour until the final solution) and then the last thing that happened to me is that they have not made the change of the DNS ZONES after the migration.

By reading their terms and conditions, they do not talk about what they will do about this kind of thing. They always say that it is a managed service.

The sales staff does not mention this limitation either.
Hello luiszg,

Are we talking about making the change at your domain registrar to point to the new server? Because that's up to you to do and not Knownhost. No one that does a migration is going to do that for you because it is beyond the scope of a migration.
they have not made the change of the DNS ZONES after the migration

As @Dan stated, if it's something that needs to be done with your domain on the registrars side, unless you bought that domain through KH you're going to be responsible for those changes. KH doesn't have access to your domain management.

Rather than throw out complaints on the board how about stating your exact issue so you might be able to get some tips on how to resolve it?
Obviously it is not a change in the DNS of the domain, it is a change that is made from the WHM. Basically my domains use a custom DNS, for example and

For these DNS to work on the server I must register those DNS zones. in the SOA and NS registers.

That can be done from the WHM, I know. But if you migrate a huge amount of domains I must do it with each of them manually.

When you hire a managed service, you can not get a response How: do it yourself, or a link to the documentation of how it is done.

A simple GREP on the server's SSH would have solved the problem.

If this is not included or not in the service, I think it should be clear in the terms and conditions (and it is not) I also believe that it is not for the staff of Knownhost since then I made the migration of a single domain and in This osasión if they made the change of the DNS zones to be able to use my personalized DNS. and

I'm not looking for a solution how phpAddict proposes, if that was the case I would have gone to another forum or support through another ticket.

I just wanted to know if someone else has the same perception as me about the deterioration in service.
Well, then, to answer your question, no, I've not. Been with KH over 4 years now. I've migrated Dedi's 4 times, migrated VPS's a couple times, one of them just a couple months ago, currently have 2 Dedi's and 2 VPS's with KH. Of the 9 support requests I've had in the last year, all have been resolved to my satisfaction. I know if I have trouble I am always able to get help from KH support or this forum to set things straight.

Good luck! If you need help, we're here for each other.
Not in my experience. I had 10 service requests this year and all of them resolved well within expected time-frame and in some cases to above and beyond expectations.
Not my experience as well. Every service request I had was handled immediately with total success. Could not ask for better service.