KnownHost amazes me


I see potential KnownHost customers always asking about the level of tech support and I want to give you an excellent example of the kind of service you can rely on getting around here.

I nearly titled this thred, "Tech Support amazes me," but I remembered everyone at KnownHost is amazing.

At 5:16 AM this morning (this is Christmas, mind), I opened a ticket with support. I had a script I wanted installed on two machines, so I asked to get it made on the first and asked if I would need to open a second ticket. I explained it is a holiday and that I was in no particular hurry to get the changes made, I just wanted to get a ticket queued up before I forgot.

Two minutes later, at 5:18, Jared had replied. Not ten minutes, not five minutes, not even three minutes. TWO minutes! He explained that normally, they like to have separate tickets with separate requests, which makes sense. But he also indicated he was already working on the first install and to just provide details on the second.

Three minutes after that message, at 5:21, I received a second message, advising me he was finished with the first install and was waiting on me to provide details on the second machine. He had done what I asked, all within FIVE minutes, and had also taken time out to send me an explanatory message.

I am embarrassed to say it took me all of eight minutes to respond, at 5:29, with those details. I chided him for jumping all over the ticket the way he had, because I was really reluctant to ask for any support on a holiday.

FOUR minutes after that, at 5:33, Jared replied to say the second installation was complete and that he was not put out by performing the work for me.

A grand total of seventeen minutes, from the time I submitted the ticket, to getting both installations finished. And nearly half of that time was spent on Jared waiting to hear back from me! How could I ever complain about support response times, when the above numbers prove I am the bottleneck? ;)

I remember the first host I ever used was <cough, cough> proud <choke> to advertise they would respond to submitted tickets within 24 HOURS. And I always loved the condescending nature of their communications, they could always make you feel like a heel within seconds.

I've been with KnownHost for nearly 6 years (since 3 April 2008) and everyone I've ever dealt with has been incredibly courteous and right there to answer my questions. No matter how many times I've shot myself in the foot, Tech Support has always been friendly and happy to bail me out.

If you want to deal with a hosting company that works for its customers, just stop looking, you've already found it. KnownHost simply knocks it out of the park. I always chuckle when I see people who are shopping for better prices, or better support. As for myself, I get to spend my time focusing on my sites, because I already get great pricing and stellar support.

Thanks, KnownHost, for everyone doing all that you do.