KN deleting command history during technical supports


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I'm wondering why KH always delete the history of commands that have been used during a technical support event. From a security standpoint this is a bit disturbing since, to an extent, I don't know what you guys have done in the server after the support. I would be expecting more transparency from someone who goes into your machine with root privileges.

On another note, having the full history of commands sent by KH to resolve an issue would be a great learning tool, and perhaps would prevent us from requesting technical support for a similar event again.
@MarkoA thanks for your question. We actually don't delete any of the history, we divert it to a separate storage file on your VPS that is also under /root , we do this to ensure a separation of commands we issue vs commands you may have issued since when acting as root, for the most part, command history isn't very clear for who did what.

We try and strike a good balance on our technical support tickets of being informative but not overly techie, however if you want the nitty gritty details don't hesitate to ask and our staff will gladly add that information to your ticket.