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KnownHost LLC
Customer Review
(Kody Riker)

My Information:
Number of VPS'(s): 4
How long have I been with KH: 2 years


You can really say that your not lying when you say KnownHost is great.
They offer high end and quality support when you need it most.
Weather its 2 PM or 3 AM they offer support, when you need it most. Support has great replys.
You usually can get your problem fixed within the first reply from the staff. Billing operators almost ALWAYS answer the phones, except that occasional lunch break :]

I have had contact with the support dept. and the billing dept. so much that you almost feel as your part of the KnownHost family. There always there to help and such. Server downtime is minimal. In the 2 years I have been with KH I have only experienced 50 Minutes of Downtime. And that was due to someone DDoSing one of our servers. Most of the time, support tickets are replied to within 7 minutes of submitting the ticket.

They also have the KH forum, here, you can talk to other KH customers and KH support operators etc. Not to mention thier affiliate system. For refering someone that buys a VPS you earn $25.00 with a $100.00 minimum draw-out.

They dont have 50 Million support operators either so, the more you contact support, the more that the support operators learn about you and the more you learn about them. I personally have contact with Jennifer from the KH billing dept ever once-in-awhile just to see how things are going, Shes really nice and she helps you with whatever problems you need. (In a timely fashion of course!)

Alex from the support dept. Is one of my favorite support operators because he explains everything word-for-word. And hes really understandable. KnownHost is by far one of the greatest Hosting Company's out there. Im sure they have a strong clientell and almost all of the clients take pride in being a KH client! (I know I do!)

There are very few Cons that I have ran against in this company.
Sometimes, when you submit a support ticket - The support operator might be a little bit frustrated with you if you if you dont reply in a timely manor or if you label the ticket in the wrong dept. or if you label it the wron urgency. Those are about the only cons I have ever met in this company.

Time to shut my mouth - And rest my fingers.

(Comments are Welcome!)

--Kody Riker.