KH Extremly Slow Connection with Dallas


Have anyone, say from Europe, noticed lately extremely slow connection speed with Dallas data center, approx 10KB/s;

This happens from time to time, I suspect from locations in Europe. I think that US is fine all day long. When speed is fine, I could get even 1MB/s. This is very frustrating and might impact websites performances.

California data center is doing well all day long, but Dallas is inconistent.

This is paradox - Cali is west coast.

Hi jeja7676,

It sounds to me like there's a bad connection or router between the Dallas DC and where ever it is which would be out of KH's control. Traffic will take different routes from different places and something like that is very difficult to troubleshoot. Since it sounds like you aren't even in the area effected you can't even run a traceroute so I don't know what you can do.

You might look online for services that run a traceroute from other locations. Something like Alertra but that does a full traceroute.
Situation got better over next couple of days. I guess you're right. That's the only logical explanation. For now, it's fine. I will monitor this. Thanks!