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This suggestion desires a response from Justin Sauers.

Hello Justin. Thanks for hosting an open forum and the concept of open to improvement. Let me suggest an improvement. Reference is made to tickets numbered: 389732 and [URL='https://billing.knownhost.com/user.php?op=menu&tile=mysupport&_m=tickets&_a=viewticket&ticketid=305822']305822.[/URL]

Up until this weekend I have been satisfied with Knownhost. Today I found my VPS down and promptly filed a ticket. What I received from your support staff surprised me. My service has been suspended due to non-payment. After finally getting the details straightened out and my account up to date, my webservices are back on-line. Thank you.

Your representative indicates several emails from KH had notified me of the pending service disconnect. After hearing or seeing no response KH simply suspended service. I have yet to see these emails in my inbox, junk mail or other. My request for copies is pending with customer service.

Well, after reviewing my account details that have been on file since inception over a year ago, one can see that KH requested the client to provide a telephone number. My telephone number is accurate.

Why would a company simply suspend an account when all routes to communicate with a client have not been exhausted? A simple, old fashion telephone call would have prevented this customer from being displeased with KH.

Additionally, my payment history has been impeccable. Check my account please.

Most any astute and savvy customer service representative would ponder...why hasn't this client with a great payment history not respond to repeated emails.....what's going on, how can I contact him/her?

Here's the suggestion: Prior to suspension of long term accounts, simply exhaust all means of communication, ie. call the customer......you may just save everybody some time.

I have updated my credit card information and provided a new email address. At your earliest convenience, pls privately contact me to explain your protocols for account suspension.

Thank you.
Hello Tobin,

I sent you a PM and we can discuss things there. We can go into more details there. Hope this helps.

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