Just moved hosts, really happy!


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We just migrated from another host to KH. Although it hasn't even been a day yet, I just wanted to say I am so unbelievably happy with the speed & support thus far.

We got the SSD2 plan, and it is lightning fast. But even better than that, the support tickets are updated within MINUTES! My old host gave an SLA of one week on support tickets. I've already opened several tickets since moving, and no one seems annoyed or irritated with me (which is a nice change). Just friendly, professional, and really smart.

Thank you for living up to all of the great reviews I saw that brought me to this choice!

We're glad to hear that you're satisfied. Posts like yours are what we strive for here!

I look forward to hosting you for many years to come :)
Thank you both! Just wanted to offer a quick update that Day 2 is going even better :) You guys completely rock. Great company!