Just arrived..(all problems moving VPS brilliantly solved)


..after a few years with HG and endless problems since they moved to their "new" data centre Provo (funny enough in Italian it means "I try"..they failed!).

I can see lots of HG customers moved here. I was assisted by Amos with an incredibly smooth copy of my HG VPS to KH..and I'm a sysadmin so I'm really surprised.

Now I'll have to test a bit that all scripts and websites are working, but I wanted to leave a message because in less than 12hr since I paid my first month of VPS-4, I can already said I NEVER received a better and more competent support than this...never, even at start when you think all companies want to make you happy and stay.

I'm in the business since 15 years and worked for a few providers as well...with KH is the first time I feel I'm writing to someone knowing what he's talking about and what I'm talking about.

A corner of my mind is scared not having a support phone or a live chat..I manage a few businesses and one of them is very big and 10 minutes of downtime can mean $1000s of lost sales so even 5 minutes are sometimes too much without knowing what's happening...but I hope time and reliability will make this fear disappear.

For now...excellent first impression.
..sadly it seems I already have to feel worried indeed.

Looking at the copied VPS, I discovered only now that most folders moved are empty, some files were copied some others were not copied (and all coming from my home), and writing emails with different people make me feel I have to explain every time the same problem.

They told me that during the move they were copying my configurations, settings, everything...then they told me only things in my cPanel account /home/ folder, now I see that even in that folder not everything was copied..

When they were doing the first backup on my HG vps I warned them that there's not enough space there to make a full backup probably so things should be moved manually.

I hope someone can escalate this problem, I was about to move my name servers to KnownHost but now after 24 hr it seems the move must still be properly made.

First and foremost, welcome to KnownHost!

Secondly, do you have a ticket number I can reference? I'd like to look over things and see what was done.

Unfortunately we don't generally move sites manually, we use cPanel backup files as this is the only way to get complete backups consistently and reliably - however sometimes we will use a "skip homedir" option and manually wget/ftp files which is sounds like is what you were wanting done.

We'll get you taken care of - don't worry.
Hi opoloko

Glade to see you made it, don't worry the people at KH are good and they will get you here.
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Hi Jonathan,

thank you very much yes the ticket number is 349216 and Scott is on the problem, looks like it's a combination of two factors

1) I had not enough space on my origin VPS and so one your staff was doing a backup they did not check for space, it looked all ok but in the end it seems some files were just missing randomly
2) HG had problems in the last two days and they did some fsck, and today as well, so lots of the folders have a timestamp of today, all at the same time, while obviously I did not move or created or modified anything
3) all this led to confusion (rightly) for you about what happened, what was moved, what not

I suggested to delete the cPanel backup you did on my server, and start it all again knowing that there's not enough space on my VPS to create a giant backup file of all the files I have, so the solution is to backup/transfer a few folders at a time keeping an eye open on the space available, and in the end be sure that the cPanel settings (that is everything apart the files) was transfered correctly to KH (it seemed to me it was ok, but not everything...for example some custom configurations that were stored in the .htaccess in my home were missing because the .htaccess file was missing on the KH Vps).

I explained I'm not touching and I'll not touch any file (infact nothing changed since you started) till you finish.

I feel this is a place where in the end problems will be solved..your tech stuff is nice, I just hope to have all this solved. I moved from HG also because I have a big client I'm working for with a development installation on my VPS, and I'll need to move them on a SSD VPS or Dedicated Server once deploying the final website, so I thought that maybe it will be faster if I'll ask you to help moving one LAMP website from my VPS to a Dedicated one with the same settings/configurations so that all will be smooth.

EDIT: I made some space available on my old VPS, support did again the copy of my VPS with full backup, all smooth and complete this time, I was also able to make full backup of my full old VPS hard drive and support took the file for me and unzipped it in my new VPS if I'll need any other configuration. I updated my name servers DNS and all is going well...looking forward to upgrade soon to SSD VPS and bringing another client on Dedicated.
A short and final update, for Jonathan and for any new customer moving or thinking to move to KnownHost: I'm *stunned* by the support level received, server speed, incredible "managed" service and response times.

You may not get a chat or a phone, but anyway it does not make sense when they are only ways to make you wait for them to escalate or pass the problem to the sysadmins. Here on KnownHost you talk ALWAYS with a system administrator, someone that get directly solve the problem for you.

Thank you, all domains are now moved and speed is already amazing even from Europe.
Glad to hear you got everything worked out here :)

Let us know if you need anything! We're here day and night 24/7!
Hi opoloko,

Very glad to hear that you are finally fully up and running!

Oh, and welcome to KH! :D
Thank you Jonathan and Dan :)

Indeed I'm so happy that I already asked your sales dep. to upgrade my actual VPS to SSD. Being already in your main data centre they said it will be fast and almost without downtime, and most of all keeping same IPs...ideal!

I'll have to host a testing environment for a very mysql heavy website, so SSD will improve a lot.

Looking forward to this next step...using ssh on your VPS is like working locally, all websites are much more snappy...I don't know why I waited so long but now I'm happy :)
That's not fast..that's not even beyond fast..it just redefines the concept of FAST! :)

I have no words..I'm doing some quick tests on ssh, db and heavy pages with lots of images...blazing fast and big difference with the already incredibly fast VPS..in 48 hours you moved my old VPS from HG to here, you helped me having it back on quickly, and then you upgraded it to SSD...!

I'd seriously like to write an email to each and every 8000000 domains (-21 that are mines and now on KnownHost) on HG and urge all of them to leave that slow, unreliable and painful service and come here...

Thanks everyone, I'm sure my client will be nothing less than speechless when I'll show them what their website will be :)

It's a pleasure to be part of this "team" and I'm looking forward to do more business with you!
Oh no I cannot forget about you Dave...I will never stop saying thank you! :) Your suggestion was indeed fantastic...and I hope several others asked for the name of the company.

Now doing some house cleaning on my new SSD VPS waiting for some more exciting (and faster) work tomorrow, together with an email to all my clients informing them of the change. August is a good time as they're almost all out for holidays so they did not notice anything ;)

Thanks Dave, Jonathan, Debbie and all the great people here..looking forward to see this place growing and getting all the attention and business it deserves.

well no surprise..if you go on their Reviews section of the forum is almost embarassing..I think they're trying now to reduce those comments just avoiding to reply to people complaining, in the hope the topics will go down and because they have nothing to reply! :mad:

Anyway I already feel is a thing of the past :D