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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Arick, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Arick

    Arick New Member

    Hi Myname is Mochammad Rifai and you may call me Arick. I live in Indonesia and became a customer of KnownHost since yesterday. I purchase the VPS because of the Chat with one of KnownHost's staff.
    Before purchasing the VPS from KnownHost, I browse the internet for five days just to get a VPS. I have been talking with lots of customer services about the product they offer. Many of them offer cheap VPS but that's not my main concern as I wish to get a VPS which is able to help me in managing my (very) small blog. Performance and security are the first concern when it come to VPS.
    Finally, I came to a discussion in WebHostingTalk and another forum (maybe DP) throgh Google and saw lots of people having positive experiences with KnownHost. Then, I realize there are some providers which have positive reviews. I began opening lots of threads and read how the staff communicating with their customer (or non customer).
    I didn't talk about how hard the staff trying to solve the problem by explaining the situation using simple and understandable terms. I was talking about "How they communicate with another people". I believe the best host should always respect the other and trying to be as helpful as possible. KnownHost seems doing this in many threads (I saw a username: 'Paul' in many of those threads)
    I understand sometimes problem arise and it may unpredictable. I didn't choose a hosting because there are lots of positive reviews though it may affect a little :D but I choose a company that really care with their customer. I always believe there will be a mistake when we interact with machine (or doing another job).
    Last, This thread maybe long but it was not that important. I just write on what was available in my mind at the moment.:)
    For the staff: This is not a request to ask for help. It just an introduction as I couldn't find the a thread named as "INTRODUCE YOUR SELF". I always introduce myself in forum (If I consider it to be helpful and awesome).
    As for another members, You may wish to share with me about your experiences.
  2. StudioWorks

    StudioWorks New Member

    Hello and welcome!

    Glad to see that you decided to join KnownHost. Last month I was in the same position as yourself and i landed here after reading what other users wrote about KH on Webhostingtalk.com.
  3. Arick

    Arick New Member

    Glad to see another KnownHost's customer

    Thanks for welcoming me. It seems both of us have some similarities. :)
    This is first time for me to get a VPS. Getting the first VPS is just like getting my first PC. One day, I would tell my successor: "I got my first VPS from KnownHost. It is unforgettable moment in life". :D
  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello Arick and welcome to KH! :D

    I think that just about everyone can relate to how difficult it can be to shop for a webhost/VPS. I personally have been hosting sites for over a decade now and have had shared hosts and a couple of different VPS hosts.

    My decision to go with Knownhost was based not only on the stellar reviews but also on their support and the fact that they have people actually on the forums here (identifiable by KH-name) responding to posts and questions. The only thing that could have made me happier would have been if they offered phone support but, to be honest, I haven't really missed it!

    Hope your time with KH is as enjoyable as mine has been!

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