Joomla Sites on VPS

I was wondering how Joomla runs on VPS's? I have a forum that has about 1,400 members but I am also going to start building a few Joomla sites for a few people. I will add them as completely new sites with there own domain etc.. For the most part they will not be extremely busy sites.. I was just wondering if Joomla was the right direction to go in, I have more experience with it than other CMS's..
I run Joomla for several clients. with .11 and before, there were definitely hacker issues but it seems pretty secure now with 12.
Yeah, I'm an old Mambo/Joomla freak lol. I love the program and was very upset when it had security issues but they seem to have fixed it.
Sorry, I spent yesterday trying to see how badly I could screw up lol.

Yeah, you can edit the language files....I edit everything. If you wanna shoot me an email, I'll be glad to see if I can help you.