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    I feel like I've bothered the tech support people enough with this in the last few days, and just had them install joomla 1.7 for me

    Today I've been working on modifying a template downloaded from rocket theme, and initially each time I tried I had permissions issues. Every directory it had issues with I changed permissions to 0757 which I don't like but makes it work, then I had php memory issues and had to run a hundred google searches to figure out what to do about that. Now that i've got the template finally installed, I go to edit it just to simply change the style and I get this when i click on the template name (which should bring me to the template options)
    So I put up a post on the forum in the community that that's from and figure I'll keep plugging along and change some of the images like the logo and background, so I download them, change them, try to re upload them and again! more permissions issues.

    I am beyond frustrated with this. I need to get this site up this weekend because my OLD joomla site got a virus and KH quarantined it and (I thought) it would be easier to build new than fix and find all the offending files on the old one. Maybe I was incredibly wrong :(

    Somebody help?:confused:

    Thank you,
  2. Robert

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    I have Joomla installed and working.. however no real content. Would you like me to figure out all the necessary permissions for you? I see that this is an old post.. perhaps you have figured it out already?
  3. amy66

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    It can be very annoying at times.
  4. townwebsites

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    Joomla permissions

    on cpanels I've seen have worked with 600 permissions on the PHP files and 644 on others, 755 on directories.

    You might have a file ownership problem, perhaps the files are owned by the wrong user.

  5. townwebsites

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    KH defaults

    Let me add a correction about file permissions, after setting up a KH Cpanel vps and migrating a Joomla installation. The default installation seems to be set up to use mod_php (or DSO in the EasyApache configuration).

    In that configuration, the only way you can write to files is to set permissions for world write, unless you use Joomla's FTP option (global settings, server panel).

    You can reconfigure the web server using the WHM EasyApache update , to enable suphp. When the server runs suphp, it executes php file (and JOOMLA) as the user, so file permissions can be set just to allow user read/write - a more secure configuration than having global read / write access which is required by the DSO configuration. Link here shows some of the different options for PHP execution; the disadvantage of SUPHP is described as execution speed. FastCGI is described as restoring the execution speed to near that of DSO but having higher memory requirements.: boomshadow dot net slash tech slash php-handlers

    This is something you probably will want to submit as a help ticket for if you aren't comfortable doing the rebuild yourself, ask for suphp to be installed (or fastcgi) to be configured instead of the default dso.

    Some people might say for a VPS you should just leave permissions set for global access instead of slowing the machine down with suphp - personally, I need to be able to support more than one client on the machines so that isn't a secure enough option for my needs.

    Another good discussion here:
    forums.cpanel dot net slash f189 slash dso-vs-suphp-vs-fastcgi-146353 dot html

    (sorry for the text urls ... don't have permissions ...)

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