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    I recived a reply to this question on another forum that said

    Any feedback on this suggestion? Also since I've got the other clients tlds (net|org, etc) parked on the account, would I delete and move these as well?

    On a VPS I have a Joomla! install.

    I have a client that is using their own name servers and not mine; so in cPanel I deleted the DNS for this client and the site resolves fine.

    I'm trying to understand how Site > Global Configuration > Mail Settings would work if the option is set to 'SMTP Server' and the client entered their mail server User Name - Password - and Host info

    How would the mail leave my VPS and be routed to their mail server? Since the DNS has been deleted, no MX records exist for this client on my VPS.

    This would pertain to user registration (Admin approval is required) lost passwords or even using the 'Mass Mail' feature of J!

  2. Dan

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    Hello LeMarque,

    If you edit the DNS zone in question and point the MX to the external server cPanel will ask if you want the outside server to handle all mail. Answer yes and cPanel will do the removal/addition for you. Doing this is what allows email generated on the server through apps or scripts to leave the server as it should.

    You did not want to remove the DNS zone though. It simply will never be queried since NS for the zone is external also. Matter of fact deleting it could cause strange problems in cPanel since there's no telling how it all ties together.

    Hope that helps!
  3. LeMarque

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    Hi Dan

    How to point? Don't I need to enter their mail server ip something like: 207.225.x.xx

    Don't know how or where to do this. :eek:

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  4. Dan

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    You change the MX line. Should read something like: 14400 IN MX 0

    Where is their defined email server's name. The A record for mapping to the IP is done in their NS. Do not forget or remove the periods at the end of the domain name.

    NOTE: If they are using which is also the same as defined in your cPanel DNS zone you can either remove that line (mail 14400 IN A x.x.x.x) or point it to their IP.
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    I may have already said this somewhere, but because of the misconfigured e-mail my sites been blacklisted a second time; got it removed once already. So if this doesn't work, much to my misfortune, I'm going to have to tell them to host elsewhere.

    This currently is a CNAME; if I use their mailserver IP, shouldn't it be an A Record?

    Thanks for all your help
  6. Dan

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    What reason was your server blacklisted? If it was for SPF or something like that then it will still continue. If they want people to get their email from your server then they will need to add it's IP to their SPF record.

    Absolutely right you do need to change it to an A record, sorry about that.
  7. LeMarque

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    Because of 'HELO' it got listed here
    so now I have to contact EVERY ISP from ATT to MSN :mad:

    I'll see if they can add my IP to their SPF; its a volunteer org and the 'big guns' take some prodding to get anything done.

    Made all the changes and will start testing with the one contact at the client that is doing his best.

    Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again
  8. Dan

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    I do not think these changes will do anything for your server's HELO. It should be your hostname which should have an A record set up for it. If you want I can PM you an email address so I see what your HELO comes in as.
  9. LeMarque

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    and I'm not sure that it was due to my hostname. I think that because they were using my sendmail in Joomla! to ack registration requests and send passwords which somehow were being routed thru there mail server, was the reason
  10. Dan

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    PM replied to ;)

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