Issues with httpd.conf host owner and more


Since a WHM update (11.38 I believe) I had been getting an error when rebuilding httpd.conf or restarting apache regarding my server's hostname:

info [apache_conf_distiller] Missing owner for domain, force lookup to root

Well I Googled the error again today and came across a post on cPanels forum that said to run the Change Hostname wizard in WHM again and that I didn't even need to change the name so I did. But now it seems to have gotten even worse!

info [build_apache_conf] Missing IP for domain, using
info [build_apache_conf] Missing ServerName for domain, using
info [build_apache_conf] Missing port for domain, using 80
info [build_apache_conf] Missing user for domain, using nobody
info [build_apache_conf] Missing owner for domain, force lookup to root
info [build_apache_conf] Missing group for domain, using nobody

Once that happened I tried changing the hostname to something else then changing it back. Same thing. I also tried rebuilding the httpd.conf using /scripts/buildhttpdconf which also had no effect.

Has anyone else seen this and/or have any suggestions?

Hi Mathew,

No I haven't modified it nor have I created a domain for the hostname but I have created one for the domain the host name uses.

Funny thing is that everything seems to work just fine. I'll wait for a bit and see if another update fixes it or not before putting in a ticket.

Thanks Mathew!