Is this overkill

I currently have a MVPS-2. All I have on it is one WP site getting about 200 visitors a day and a handful of domains that have placeholder pages on the domain. That is about it. I got the MVPS-2 in hopes of growing the WP site and working on some other projects but due to a medical issue they will have to be put in the back burner for a couple of years.

Should I just stick with what i have or move the WP site to Managed Wordpress Hosting and the the placeholder domains (with a bit of email) to a SH-2 package.

Thanks for suggestions and input.
Hi Peter,

First off I'm sorry to hear about the medical issues, hope it's nothing serious.

As for your VPS I would say to let your finances be your guide, obviously medical issues come with a severe financial burden so if things get tight (or even look like they're going to) then I'd say by all means downsize where ever you can.

Merry Christmas Pete!
Thanks Dan, the issues will get better, all medical and pay cheques are covered while I am off so don't have to worry about that, thank goodness. I always want to save money but not at the expense of the WP site as it belongs to my Mom ... and she is the best. :) Just wondering about the technical side and if it would still be fast on shared wordpress hosting.

Merry Christmas Dan

As a general rule of thumb: shared hosting is never fast.

However I have never used Knownhost's shared hosting and if it's anything like the rest of their products it probably is better than any other shared hosting I've tried.

So your question is really how fast is the shared hosting. Perhaps you could try asking in The Lounge or even in Pre-sales Questions and some people that use it will chime in.
For what its worth, our shared hosting utilizes the best combination possible for speed, performance and stability.

We utilize Litespeed for the fast request handling, CloudLinux for individual account resource managing, with a robust back-end in case of any issues.

For a website that only gets 2o0 visitors, a shared package shouldn't be any problems for it. We can easily assist in moving you from a MVPS-2 > SH-2 and then when you're ready, you can move back to our MVPS Platform.

Either way, we're here to help you -- feel free to open a ticket and we can check resource usage; perhaps you could downgrade to an MVPS-1.

That set aside, I do hope things get better for you, wishing you all the best. :)
Thanks Jonathan, I think an SH-2 would be sufficient as most of the other domains are just placeholder text page and maybe a bit of email. One thing I noticed is that the WP site sends out about 220 emails when a new post is made. The SH-2 allows for 100 emails per hour. So, what happens to the rest of the emails?
When the email limit reached, it would reset after an hour and the rest of the emails would continue to deliver.

It's recommended to space emails out; perhaps send them in batches instead of all at once.
Thanks Jonathan, one more question. If I divide them and move the WP site to its own WP-1 account is there any changes I need to make to the site so it can be moved from my VPS to a WP-1 account? Any addon's or themes that are not permitted?
The PHP version available for WP 7.1 -- so as long as it can run on this; you should be okay.

The theme would need to be able to operate under our set limits.


As for addons; we have a public blacklist.

I am okay for the PHP version and the theme. The addons I have are;

Akismet Anti-Spam
All In One SEO Pack
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
Custom Meta Widget
Customizer Export/Import
Email posts to subscribers
Google XML Sitemaps
iQ Block Country
jQuery Pin It Button for Images
Master Slider
Meridian Styler
Pinterest Pro for WordPress
Really Simple SSL
Regenerate Thumbnails
Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin
Under Construction
WP Featherlight
WP Open Comment Links in New Window
WP Sitemap Page
WP Super Cache
WPForms Lite

I don't think I am using all of them and some are duplicates, but that is the entire list. :)

PS The forum is quite the change. :)
The only plugin on your list in the blacklisted URL I provided you is wp-super-cache.

Our WordPress packages come with lscache, which highly recommend it instead.