Is support testing properly before applying any change to configurations?



I write because I love KH, the fast servers and fast support, but it already happened in the past that when I asked for something to be modified, the support team modified something of my configurations without first testing, and so breaking my VPS services.

Today happened again but this is even worse: basically they did something and since 30 minutes NONE OF MY DOMAINS/WEBSITES are working, and no one cares replying after 30 minutes!

I have a team of devs stopped for this, clients calling with all their services down, it's just very unprofessional.

Do you have trained support people able to verify before applying anything? I asked several times to tell me before modifying anything! And now not even a reply after they compromised something in my configuration....!

I'm checking on that ticket now and also reviewing any commands issued against your VPS. Based on time stamps and commands issued we've not made any changes to your VPS but we will indeed investigate this to figure out whats going on and update you in the ticket.
Hi Daniel,

I don't believe in coincidences. I asked your support about how to access my VPS websites directly through one of my IP addresses, and after I asked if it was ok for them to make it possible for me, all my services are down, basically everything: websites, email, ssh, everything!

I was doing nothing on the VPS, it was working few minutes before when I was updating some php pages!

And the error was first a 403 forbidden (clearly something modified in the configuration of apache from your support), services were working, then I sent a first email asking why there was the 403 error, and since then (since 1 HOUR NOW!!) everything is down and no reply! Probably your support was trying to amend something and did it even worst!

VERY DISAPPOINTED customer for the first time with you! I still don't know what happened, Chad does not reply anything if not that he'll let me know when he'll finish...
Also is not the first time that your support does something, probably through cpanel or other interface, without checking first if there are any other manual configurations or without creating any backup, and I have problems after that.

Typically it happens with .htaccess, probably what happened at the start here, I don't know (403 forbidden), and then I have no idea how they managed to bring my whole VPS down.

You know I always make sure to pay you in time, and if someone of you cause this I expect to receive updates every 10 minutes about what's happening, why, what they are inspecting, what they did, also because I might be useful and anyway I think I deserve to know what's happening on my paid VPS.
Generally speaking I don't either but I'm digging through everything to try and find the exact cause right now, due to the circumstances it is taking a while as I don't wish to damage anything should it be something we did. I can assure you I am working as quickly as possible to locate the root issue.